Frequently Asked Questions

Who provides the equipment and supplies?2019-07-26T18:41:16+00:00

We provide all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies, unless there is a specific need for your home. Then, we ask that you provide it.

Can you work within my budget?2019-07-26T18:40:57+00:00

Yes! We custom-tailor your proposal to your business or home cleaning needs.

Do you guarantee your work?2019-07-26T18:40:34+00:00

If you’re not satisfied with our maid services, notify us within 24 hours of your cleaning visit, and our team will come back and take care of whatever needs to be fixed within 24 hours — free of charge! That’s our guarantee.

Do you do carpet and windows?2019-08-08T13:19:53+00:00

We don’t do commercial carpet and window cleaning. If you are looking for window services, we can recommend one of our trusted partners.

Residential window cleaning can be discussed at the time of the proposal.


How do you feel about pets?2019-07-26T18:39:46+00:00

Pets are our friends. We happily clean homes with pets.

Do you fold or do laundry?2019-08-08T13:22:07+00:00

Sorry, we don’t fold, do laundry or change bedding.

Do you empty the dishwasher?2019-07-26T18:38:43+00:00

Sorry, we don’t.

What is the best way to set up a cleaning?2019-07-26T18:35:20+00:00

Contact us on our website, or call us to set up a consultation.

What if I have chemical sensitivities or want environmentally friendly products?2019-07-26T18:34:55+00:00

We only use green, natural and environmentally friendly products.

Do you have any promotions?2019-07-26T18:34:22+00:00

We offer gift certificates. Follow us on Facebook for different promotions.

We also offer our ongoing promotion, refer your friends! If they become a weekly or bi-weekly client, then you’ll get one FREE cleaning on us!


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